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"Can't we all just get along?" (steal this team exercise!)

Hey Reader, I just got back from a week-long work retreat in Mexico. It was so wonderful to see my fellow ConvertKit-ers in person again and meet a whole lot of new faces. We had nearly the whole Brand Studio team in attendance. Here we are on the beach, holding our filmmaker Henry's photo up on...
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3 days ago • 5 min read

Do you set goals for your own career growth?

Welcome to another issue of the Dispatch, Reader! In this issue we're covering: Career growth goals A challenge to help you grow your audience An epic personal website Let's dive in! Speaking of diving in, my friend & podcast co-host Femke just launched her product strategy course as part of the...
10 days ago • 5 min read
Issue 89

Is a new website on your to-do list for 2023?

Hi Reader, I had a newsletter-writing break for the first few weeks of 2023, but now the Dispatch is back in full swing and I'm excited to show up in your inbox weekly to bring you marketing design news, inspo and education! In this issue we're covering: Personal/portfolio sites Design process...
18 days ago • 4 min read
Issue 88

My top 6: A 2022 round-up

Well Reader, it’s time for the last Dispatch of 2022. I always get super reflective at this time of year, so in this issue I want to share a roundup with you of some of what I believe to be the most interesting or most useful things I’ve created and written over the past 12 months. It’s hard to...
about 1 month ago • 3 min read

Your cheat sheet for learning from 15 design leaders

Well Reader, another season of my interview podcast has wrapped up. In 12 interviews I spoke to 15 design leaders about the way they get their work done, and I personally learned a ton from these conversations. There is just so much value in learning how your peers do things. Learning from the...
about 1 month ago • 3 min read
Issue 86

How Zendesk has solved the product imagery problem

Hey Reader, Here's what's in this issue: A tale of woe How Zendesk's product imagery system works An article about design systems and how they came to be A fun poll A couple of weeks ago I finally tackled a task that had been on a my to-do list for WEEKS: creating the product imagery for a...
about 2 months ago • 4 min read
Issue 85

The age-old debate of design vs copy (+ join a portfolio review livestream this week!)

Question for you, Reader: what comes first? The design or the copy? It's a chicken-or-egg situation that came up during my interview with RightMessage co-founder Brennan Dunn recently. In today's issue of the Dispatch I'm sharing my take on the matter, as well as a handy article about design...
about 2 months ago • 4 min read
Issue 84

Why you SHOULDN’T focus on data

Hey Reader, Today I have a few follow-up thoughts from issue 82 where I wrote about outcomes vs output and why it’s important for us as designers to understand the impact our work is having. In making this mindset shift, it could be easy to start to focus TOO much on the metrics we’re moving...
2 months ago • 3 min read
Issue 83

Are you using FigJam in your process yet?

Hey Reader, Have I mentioned lately how much I love Figma’s virtual whiteboard tool, FigJam? As a Creative Director, I honestly think I might spend more time in FigJam than in the Figma design tool itself. I use it any chance I can get! For solo brainstorming, team activities, annual planning,...
2 months ago • 3 min read
Issue 82

The design buzz words you actually SHOULD pay attention to

Hey Reader, I’m putting my manager hat on today to help you understand why the difference between outcomes and output can help you reach the next level in your career. And if you’ve already got clarity about this mindset shift yourself, then perhaps my explanation will help you pass the...
3 months ago • 3 min read