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Why I stay "lo-fi" for as long as possible

Hi Reader, Today I’m sharing an excerpt from my marketing design book draft about wireframing on paper, a tool to help you drive more traffic from search results, and a set of hilariously realistic mockup templates. Let's go! ​ Staying lo-fi for as long as possible If you looked at the start...
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3 days ago4 min read
Issue 69
Issue 68

Behind the scenes of the brand campaign

Hi Reader, I know a lot of you enjoyed last weeks issue breaking down Loom’s Cancelled Meetings candle campaign (read it here if you missed it!), and today I’m bringing you some insider info in the form of a Q&A with Staff Brand Designer Judson Collier. ​ Behind-the-scenes of the Cancelled...
10 days ago3 min read
Issue 67

What do cancelled meetings smell like?

Hi Reader, Loom, the async video communication tool, launched a new brand campaign last week and instead of featuring people using their product to record their screens and send explainer videos to their teammates… they’re selling a candle. No, really. Here’s why I think this was a f**king...
17 days ago5 min read
Issue 66

Does navigation always HAVE to be at the top of a website?

Hey Reader, Today we’re talking testing, business banking and a new design trend. Plus, I’ve opened up new mentoring session slots for August & September. Let’s go! ​ ​ Navigation at the bottom of the screen? I saw these examples shared by @lucchaissac on Twitter the other day and it inspired...
24 days ago3 min read
Issue 65

Breaking down the Zapier rebrand

Hey Reader, Did you see that Zapier rebranded? If you didn’t; don’t worry, I gotchu. I want to share a few thoughts on their new brand and its application to their homepage. I’m also sharing some details on a few projects I have underway! So let’s get into it. ​ ​ A new brand for...
about 1 month ago3 min read
Issue 64

How much are you carrying right now?

Hey Reader, This week I’m sharing some thoughts on rest & recovery with you, as well as some fun stats and survey data (I’m not the only one who finds charts and survey results genuinely enjoyable, right?) When rest just makes you realise how tired you were In the last issue I let you know that...
about 1 month ago3 min read
Issue 63

How would you spend a month off work?

Hi Reader, On Friday evening I signed out of my work Slack and turned the out of office on my email to begin my 4 week sabbatical. 🎉 This is a benefit that ConvertKit gives to people who have been there for five years (on top of your regular vacation allowance for that year) and I’m grateful...
about 2 months ago3 min read

Where do YOU stand on designing social media assets [Issue #62]

Hey Reader, First of all I want to say thank you for the replies to last weeks issue where I talked about motivation and ‘surviving’ weeks vs ‘thriving’ weeks. I do read every reply to this newsletter, and it means a lot to me when you take the time to share your thoughts on the topic! Today I...
about 2 months ago3 min read
Issue 61

The unfortunate truth about motivation

Tell me if this rings true for you, Reader: Sometimes you’re thriving. You stick to your routine, you produce good work, you feel naturally inspired and you get shit done. And other times you’re simply surviving. Running on autopilot, just trying to make it through your days with your physical...
2 months ago4 min read

We have to talk about the Instagram rebrand [Issue #60]

Did you hear, Reader? Instagram did a brand refresh. Their gradient is brighter now. Okay okay, there’s more to it than that. They’ve also got a new custom font, and honestly a change like this for such a huge brand is really interesting to look at more closely. So in today’s issue we’re going...
3 months ago4 min read