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published4 months ago
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Hey Reader,

This week in the Dispatch I've prepared for you:

✍️ Something to help you work more efficiently

🔴 Something you can join live on Friday to stay up-to-date on happenings in the creator community

🎙️ And something you can listen to on a walk or while you work to learn more about my design philosophies and career path

Let's jump in!

✍️ 10 pro tips get the most out of FigJam

FigJam is an incredible tool for group brainstorming, planning, site mapping, and even just working through ideas on your own. As a follow-on from my FigJam 101 video I wanted to share some additional tips to get more value from FigJam in your process and work more efficiently.

I'm not a software power-user by any means, but I do like picking up tips for time-saving or best practices so I hope that's what this video gives you!

video preview

If you're already a FigJam pro yourself, maybe it'd be useful to send my video to folks you collaborate with on your team who aren't so savvy (I may or may not have made this video for the purpose of sharing with the ConvertKit team 🙈).

And if you're not using FigJam yet, try it out! I'd love to hear how it works for you & your process.

(A lil disclaimer: I'm compensated to promote Figma, but if you've seen my vlogs you know I genuinely love their tools & use them every day!)

🔴 Join live: What's next at ConvertKit

I'm co-hosting a multi-media livestream this Friday with one of my workmates, Isa Adney! The livestream will include:

  • A watch party of our CEO Nathan Barry's keynote at our annual creator conference, Craft + Commerce, where he'll share insights into trends in the creator community and announce some exciting new features coming to ConvertKit
  • A live discussion amongst creators about collaboration and growth
  • A chance for you to ask questions about our upcoming features
  • And a very special secret premiere of something that we've been working on as a Brand Studio team for a long time...

This event won't be available as a replay, so be there or be... missing out 😅

Isa and I are looking forward to hanging out with you in the live chat and sharing our perspective as creators!

🎙️ Lessons in career growth & creativity

I was interviewed on the Deep Dive podcast recently, and it's one of my favourite interviews I've ever done. Ridd asked great questions that – true to the name of the show – really did allow us to dive deep into my design philosophies and being a Creative Director in tech.

Get the audio, video and transcript here, or click below to watch! I'm proud of this interview, and I hope you find it valuable.

video preview

I hope you have a good week ahead. Before you go, would you mind telling me what you thought of this issue of the dispatch using the rating system below? I'm always looking for ways to improve it and ensure each issue is a valuable addition to your inbox.

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Thanks in advance for your feedback 🙏 See you next week!

PS: This Wednesday the second episode of Inside Marketing Design season 4 will be launching 🙌 Get excited, because it's a chat with Webflow's Director of Brand Design, Jess Rosenberg. You heard it here first!

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