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Are you using FigJam in your process yet?

Hey Reader,

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Figma’s virtual whiteboard tool, FigJam?

As a Creative Director, I honestly think I might spend more time in FigJam than in the Figma design tool itself. I use it any chance I can get! For solo brainstorming, team activities, annual planning, sitemaps… it’s become a bit of a joke amongst the ConvertKit team that FigJam is my love language 😅

Today I want to share with you:

  • a really cool use-case for FigJam that I hadn’t previously considered
  • a 101 introduction to FigJam in case you’re not using it yet
  • a tool you can use to earn some side-income with your design expertise
  • a few podcast episodes to queue up in your feed

Creating a super engaging design job post

We’re used to job posting’s being mostly text-based, right? With paragraphs and bullet points of info on the company, the role, the requirements, etc.

Wait til you see this job post for a role at design apprenticeship program, Upperstudy. They used FigJam to make the job post incredibly engaging and relatable to their target audience of experienced product designers!

The artfully organised FigJam board features post-its with different colors for different sections, highlighted keywords, emoji, arrows and a few easter eggs.

It’s so much more interesting to read than a list of bullet points, and they were able to easily include a few pieces of social proof about the company, as well as some design work examples. It truly does feel “FigJam native” as the team were aiming for.

Check out the FigJam for yourself here, and read this thread by Upperstudy co-founder Josh Puckett about the design process behind the job post.

Seeing this made me think… what if I made a FigJam portfolio? 🤔

Have you seen any unique uses of FigJam floating around recently? Send them my way! I’d love to see them. And if you’re hiring for a design role, maybe try use FigJam instead of a text-based platform for the job post!

Let me give you a 101 introduction to FigJam

While it’s a simple tool, FigJam can be overwhelming if you’re dropped into it without understanding how it works. You might find yourself drawing a square instead of just dragging in a sticky note, or not knowing where to find those little emoji stickers your workmates are using to vote on ideas.

In this short video I introduce you to the tools available in FigJam to help you get your ideas onto (virtual) paper quickly and easily!

video preview

If you’re already a FigJam pro, share this video with your team to help them get up to speed so you can all benefit from some collaborative sessions. (I’m thiiiis close to asking our Operations team to include this video in our standard onboarding at ConvertKit, I truly believe it’s that valuable!)

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Learn from your marketing design peers

Have you been listening to the latest season of Inside Marketing Design? There have been SO many good episodes lately, yo! And I’m not just saying that cos I host the show. I’ve truly learned a lot from my conversations with these guests and I’m honoured that I get to share them with you so that you can benefit too.

Tune in to:

I’m so proud of this show! It’s had such a huge impact on the way I operate as Creative Director, and I hope you’re learning from it too ❤️

I’m back at work this week after a week of PTO. Wish me luck as I dive in to the Slack messages and project updates!

Have a good week,

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