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My first time trying AI design tools didn't go as expected...

Published almost 1 year ago • 1 min read

Hey Reader,

Like I shared in last weeks issue: I'm currently driving around the ring road of Iceland, so while I'm away I've queued up another shorter issue for you with links to things you can watch, listen to, read or look at to stay inspired.

Learn how to fix pixelated lettering in Procreate in less than 30 seconds

Ian Barnard is always my go-to source for anything Procreate related. He recently shared a Reel about what to do when your lettering is looking pixelated and the fix is like magic! If that's a issue you've encountered too, check it out.

Trying AI design tools for the first time

video preview

Okay this is more entertainment than inspiration (nothing I created using these tools could be considered inspiring!) but I wanted to dive in and start getting to know some of the design AI tools on the market. Watch the video to see how it went for me 😅

How Ahrefs automatically generates sharing images for their site

Designing these graphics is... not my favourite thing to do. And we are still making them custom for every page on our site at ConvertKit. This is absolutely something we should be leaning on a tool for, to generate them automatically. So I enjoyed learning how the team at Ahref's has set this up.

Next Monday I'll be travelling home from Iceland, so I'll send you a Dispatch on Tuesday instead and share a little about my trip and any brainwaves that hit me while I was disconnected.

Hope you found something in these shorter issues over the past two weeks that you enjoyed! And we'll be back to regular programming with more in-depth thoughts soon.

Have a good week,

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