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What do you want to learn before the year ends?

published3 months ago
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Hey Reader,

I cannot believe that we’re at the end of August. 😱 How did that happen?

With just 4 months left in the year, that means 4 months to use up our annual learning/skill development budgets.

Actually I’m curious: does your job give you budget to purchase courses, coaching or learning material (like books)? Vote by clicking on a link below!

If you fit with one of the first two options, I want to recommend a few education resources that could be valuable to you to spend a learning budget on. And if that’s not a perk you receive in your role, then perhaps these recommendations might be things you want to invest in for yourself!

Find your style with Meg Lewis

Meg’s personal brand has always been on-point so I was excited to purchase this new course they just launched about finding your style. It can be applied not just to your design style but to your personal wardrobe, home decor… all the visual things that represent you!

It’s priced at just $69 and I adored Meg’s reason for this pricepoint 😅

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Meg "Bing Bong" Lewis
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August 25th 2022

Stand out as a web designer with Dann Petty

Dann is one of the best web designers I know, and this course is the one I always recommend to people who want to get better as a web designer. It’s a short course that covers vital lessons for designing websites that convert AND look great, and it’ll help improve your strategic thinking.

Book a 1 on 1 mentoring session with me!

While I don’t yet have my own course your can enroll in, I do help designers move past career challenges or improve their portfolios in my 30 min 1 on 1 mentoring sessions.

Here’s what Natalia had to say about our call:

“Right from our first conversation Charli gave me concrete guidance for how to navigate different challenges as a designer. After putting it into action, I can already see her advice benefiting my career!”

I’m committed to giving you the absolute most value in just half an hour of your time, so if there’s something you need advice on to help you do your best work in your current role, or if you’re looking to make a career move and want help setting up for success; book a call.

Making of a manager by Julie Zhuo

I read this book when I started my management journey and I honestly wish I’d read it earlier! So whether you’re a manager now, or think you might want to be at some point in the future, this is a great read.

Demystifying Management with Lara Hogan

Another resource I invested in as I started my management journey was this program by Lara Hogan. There are 5 courses within the program covering things like mentoring, coaching, delivering feedback, setting expectations and building resilience and it’s all delivered in succinct, actionable lessons.

I take great pride in only recommending things I can truly stand behind, so I’d love to hear if you decide to try out one of these resources for yourself!

I’m looking forward to going through Meg’s Find Your Style course on my weekends in the coming month, and I’ll report back on what I learn. It’s one I purchased myself with my own money, since I ended up spending my entire learning budget this year on design leadership coaching with Design Dept. 🙈 (well worth it tho!)

Hope you have a good week ahead. I’m gonna be honest last week wasn’t a great one for me productivity-wise, so I’m looking forward to starting off on a good note today by ticking some important things off my to do list. Let’s do it!

See you next week,